Thank you for joining me on this life journey!

I am purposed to share my life journey with you. What is my life journey, you ask? Well, I am a young christian, listening to what God is telling me through his living word. I am a mama of a wonderful little boy who God has given me the blessed duty of homeschooling and raising to fulfill his purpose. I am a wife trying to balance our lives as the challenges confront us. Cancer fighter is my middle name. This is my life and much more. Recipes, health and fitness --- Learning day by day - as we go. Come along for the journey...

Life Journey ~ Welcome

Welcome to my life….  My name is Laurie and I am a Jesus follower, a wife, a mom, a homeschooling mama, a daughter, a sister, and a nurse.  We have had a few trials, as many people do, and this is my story of dealing with my life and trying to follow God’s plan for my life and our lives.

Life is a journey, all aspects of it is a journey we are on. Because many journeys require a transition in one form or another, God gave me the name Butterfly Life for the blog. The best visual of transitions is the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to butterfly.

Join me on my journey as I become a mature daughter of Christ, as I try to raise my son to be the best that he can be and grow in Christ, and as I become a cancer survivor.

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