Well I did it……

Well, I did it… I created a blog to tell my story.  To understand why I started this way, you have to know the history or …. my story… my life, especially the last several years and the journey that God has me, and as an extension, my family. Don’t worry, I have no intention of laying it all out right here in the first post as that would not be respectful of YOUR time. But I will tell you where I am RIGHT NOW. Then as I continue with sharing current life journey with Christ, our homeschooling life and battle with thyroid cancer; I will also share snip-its of the past few years that has gotten us here where we are, or where we begin. SO…..

I am a Labor and Delivery nurse; been involved with a labor unit in some form since 2006. After years of miscarriages and infertility, God blessed us with a very bright little boy in 2011 (hands pumping the air) YAY for bedrest from 28 weeks.  Whatever it takes, right? I don’t know about you, but most mamas, including myself, are self-sacrificing for our babies. Anywho…  I homeschool him in obedience to the prompting of God. (more on that story later). Its wonderful how God just kind of brings people in your life to help guide you or show you a different way. C, for the blog, we will just call him C, is now 6 years old but breezed through pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and now 1st grade, that he will be starting 2nd grade curriculum when he completes the 1st grade curriculum. We are a little different here, as if you couldn’t tell, but we school through the summer and actually take a few weeks off during holiday season because of its busyness.  And ultimately, this year in May 2018, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Not the words I wanted to hear, BUT when the doctor calls you at 8:30pm, YOU KNOW THE NEWS IS NOT GOOD; right? So now I am dealing with the fall out of that.

I think there will be a comment area on this blog thing if I set it up right. I get to go do breakfast with C, right here in my kitchen, so let me go do that.  If you have any comments, questions or thumbs up, thumbs down, whatever the case may be….  leave a comment if provided or shoot me an email.

You guys, my extended family in Christ,  have a Super Blessed day. Thank you for joining me today.


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