From the skillet to the fire…….

Well, with so much going on…. ya  know… on the  brain….it is kind of hard to get away from the troubles that bother you when you can’t drive yourself somewhere much less have no extra money to do anything….. therefore, I am consistently bombarded by our struggles that are happening right now…. oh wait, struggles you may be saying… what struggles…. Oh yeah… that little tidbit… well, after having surgery about 6 weeks ago, I am still out of work because of an inability to turn, shift or otherwise move my head, nor can I lift my right arm.. all due to the affects of the surgery and muscles being angry about their positioning during surgery… So physical therapy is working on that. BUT since my position doesn’t offer employee benefits or insurance… bind we are in (as Yoda would say, lol)

Any-who, with no income, where ya gonna go, what ya gonna do….  that is where the extended family that God has surrounded us with over the last few years comes in to share the love of going to the zoo.  So even though for the last 3 years I have had a zoo membership, this year the prices increased, therefore making it where I could not renew right now, so a fellow homeschool mom, and friend, offered a trip to the zoo (on her membership) and ultimately, offered time away from struggles…. time away from dealing with the cancer on my mind and time away from the up and coming whole body scan that will locate the rest of the cancer and determine how much radiation I need… YADA YADA YADA…. So very blessed by this,  C and his friends had a GREAT time and us moms had a super mom time together, laughing at the antics of the kids and their playing.

This time away gave me the where-with-all to get home and officially figure out this Low-Iodine food thing and see what I needed to get for groceries that I could eat for the next couple weeks. OY!!! Up til now, I had not been able to focus on it, despite looking at it over and over and over….  I needed that time away.  I needed to recenter and refocus. YES. DONE and DONE!


Tomorrow is church at a different campus.. YIKES.  Since 2015, we have been at the same campus right off the interstate. Everytime I saw this church right off the interstate, it spoke to me. Called to me. God was prompting my heart to return to Him, fellowship with Him; for quite a few years…..  talking about obedience.. or lack there of. After leaving the religion and church I was involved in… God was prompting me to go here…  And now they sold that building and we are converging onto one campus in town.  I’m nervous about that… but God is with me on this journey…. Just as God is is with me on my battle with cancer.

God is my strength, my foundation. He is my center…. my focus.  I HAVE RE-CENTERED AND REFOCUSED AND AM MOVING FORWARD.

Come on the journey with me. …. I have so much to share with you.


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