It’s been a week….? right?

Yes, yes I think it has been a week, or about that at least.  But it has also BEEN A WEEK!!!! If ya get the gist of that… LOL.

So, Monday I had my consult with Nuclear Medicine 85 miles one way. So I packed up C, snack and his Language arts work book (he is a few pages from done with this one) and took off early.  Good thing I packed stuff, we ended up waiting an hour once in the Nuclear Medicine waiting area. Exhausting, especially when I am tired regardless of what I do (because of having to be off my medicine for a month and on a low idodine diet for 1 1/2 weeks specifically for THIS WEEK).

Tuesday, Mark and C came with me to get a low dose tracer of radioactive iodine so that I can do a preliminary scan tomorrow. Quickly in, quickly out. Done and Done. I was afraid my throat would fight me on swallowing the capsule. With lots of prayer, and my eyes firmly focused on God, Jesus was sitting there with me and I felt nothing but peace and was able to swallow the capsule easily.  GOD IS SO GREAT.  It is kind of daunting to willingly take a radiation tablet. Aren’t we suppose to stay away from that stuff???? ugh.

Wednesday a friend of mine brought her kids over to the house to care for C while Mark and I went for a 6 hour side gaunt for the day to the hospital, get the whole body scan, talk with the doctor and return home.  I know I have claustrophobia. I know going into this scan is going to be rough.  My prayers started early for God to please be with me. I knew I wouldn’t be able to listen to my music since the electronic device could interfere with the imaging, BUT GOD COULD BE IN THERE WITH ME.  And He was so present in there with me. I prayed and talked with Him and listened to Him the whole 1 hr and 10 mins I was in that scan.  Even when I could feel the wind from the camera moving quickly and closely around my neck and face, Jesus kept me calm, focused and centered on Him. I LOVE THOSE MOMENTS!   The kids on the other hand had a great time playing, building, swimming and continuing to build friendship bonds. Thank you Jesus, for bringing great mamas into my world through this homeschooling journey you have us on. I love my homeschooling family.

Thursday, a.k.a. D-Day for me, I packed up the vehicle, kissed and hugged and held on to Mark and C and drove away, on my way to take the cancer killing radioactive iodine and head immediately for isolation. as I can’t be around anyone for 5-10 days. GOD is so AMAZING. The whole ride in, God made sure I heard the music that I needed on KLOVE. Every song was confirmation that He is there with me and will be there during this process and all would be okay.  Prayed fervently for Jesus to be there while I took this capsule mega dose.  I mean this medicine is explosive when they are encapsulating it, and I am about to swallow it. WHAT???? I settled into isolation at my parents’ home and had facetime with C and Mark…..

Friday I honestly felt like I had been in isolation for days …..  it was only 24 hours. Today is Saturday, finally able to restart synthroid and added my Ningxia back to my daily intake. I remain super foggy, exhausted and feel like I am walking through thick mud. But know what, I am 2 days down. YAY!  2 days closer to going home. 2 days closer to going with C to his flag football practice that he started today. 2 days of leaning into God to get through this and 2 days closer in my relationship with Him. PURE AWESOMENESS.

Sorry this was so long. but since I had A WEEK. I thought it necessary to share it.

Join me on my next post as I share the concept of caterpiller to butterfly; the name God gave to the blog.


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