Searching, searching, searching….  that is a constant. As well as praying, praying, praying.  Yes I pray about what curriculum to teach C.  First question I have to ask is: what is necessary for a 2nd grader to learn. Then figure out where C is in that learning.  He is such a smart little whip.  His arithmetic is currently on a 3-4th grade level. His reading is on a 2nd-3rd grade level; as is his spelling. But the boy is only 6.  He amazes me every day. I am so blessed that God chose me to be his mama.

Yesterday we built a volcano. He read the instructions and explained to me step by step what to do to help him accomplish the task.  Y’all, he is 6 years old.  His level of reading and comprehension is outstanding. But if I ask him what he did today, all he can tell me is ” I don’t remember.”  Is this a boy thing or is it a child thing? Today he painted the volcano while I was at a women’s prayer group, and the reason I know that he accomplished this part of the work is by seeing the evidence left on the kitchen table.

But his biggest accomplishment is completing his arithmetic workbook for 1st grade.  It was the final few pages to complete to move on to 2nd grade.  He was very excited to let me know about finishing his book. But stated he had a couple of questions. He had questions about roman numerals.  We had only discussed roman numerals as he was learning about analog clocks and telling time. Now, after a bit of instruction, he understands roman numerals a little bit better.  It will take a bit of practice, but he will get there.

With the cancer, surgery and financial struggles (due to not being able to work because of complications), I have decided to go with a free curriculum for Language Arts – The Good and the Beautiful. Its a christian based curriculum. And the required reading is christian character building. I plan to utilize Abeka Arithmetic 2nd grade combined with Saxon math 3rd grade to supplement. He is learning Science at the Co-op. And I am adding to what he learns there, discussing it through the week and expanding on the lesson.

This week, God put on my heart to do more than read bible stories with C.  He instructed me to read the daily bible verse to C and discuss it in depth to see if he understands the concept lesson.

Anywho, that was our day….  week….  How was yours?

Proverbs 22.6 Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.


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  1. He is a smart cookie and you are a wonderful mom and woman of God.


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