Fidgety Fidgety

Ever had that time where you are playing, or trying to play, a game with a fidgety 6 year old. Oh Me, Oh My….  So we were setting up Clue Jr.  with Clue Jr, all the characters are placed on these tokens that are a secret ~ hence, knocking them over, exposes the time that the last slice of cake was NOT eaten, or exposing who actually ate the the last slice of cake and what he/she was NOT drinking while eating the cake, LOL.  So the goal, of course, is to keep every thing standing up on the bases….  WELLLLL…..  Add in a fidgety 6 year old and that becomes an unending battle.   By the 4th time that I had to detach the bases, “shuffle” and reattach, I was frustrated and ready to shut the game down, and desperately trying not to over react and get angry. ….

I turned on KLOVE radio station and started listing to and singing music as I was re-setting the game again.  The HOLY SPIRIT IS AMAZING! Just as we are about to start playing, what happens….  Yep, C knocks over Ms. Scarlet. Surprise. Surprise. Instead of frustration or fussing or one of those stern looks, you know that squinty eyed look…. Laughter ensues. giggling, laughing, snorting, well almost snorting, but that can’t speak kind of laughter and light hearted feeling.

That can only be accomplished with the blessing of the Holy Spirit.  Praise Jesus.

We ended up playing 2 games of Clue, Jr. LOL….

We are taking a bit of time off of schooling, since he just finished his 1st grade curriculum AND I am waiting on some things to come in.  Rest is needed at this time. I am still trying to heal, not successfully, but God will see us through. Some how, some way. I have so much compassion for those who fight with chronic pain.  My right shoulder, upper and middle back and upper right chest are in constant pain. I am tired of feeling tired and tired of being in pain. oh well.  I will smile through it all for my eyes are on Jesus. And HE suffered way more than me.   He knows and will guide me.  My faith and trust are in HIM. My focus is on GOD.


PSalms 126:2 (NLT)  We were filled with laughter, and we sang for joy. And the other nations said, “What amazing things the Lord has done for them.”


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