Radiation Week

Well… In Aug, I had to undergo radiation therapy for thyroid cancer treatment.  Though I remind myself continually that Jesus is in my boat, the thought of swallowing a capsule that carried radioactive iodine inside had my stress levels high and rising.

Monday, I drove into the city for my consultation with the Nuclear Medicine department at the hospital. My history was discussed and a plan was made for the remainder of the week.  I would have to return Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Then I would have to have somewhere to go for isolation. Isolation from all loved ones, as a protective measure since I would be radioactive for five to ten days after receiving the isotope 131.

That Tuesday, I drove into the city to the Nuclear Medicine department at the hospital. On the way, I prayed heavily for God to be with me and help me swallow isotope 123, the tracer dose for PET scan.  You know, when your body doesn’t want to swallow a capsule, the throat kind closes up and refuses to allow passage.  That was my fear.  If I HAD to swallow this capsule, it needed to go down first go round.  When I saw the capsule, my mind registered “it looks like a tylenol.” It was red and white capsuled radiation.

As I drove in on Wednesday, God made sure I heard every song I needed to hear on K-Love radio.  The PET scan was going to take an hour to complete and I have a hard time having a metal flat surface positioned above me, inches away from my face.  No, not my idea of a fun time. So I pray and prayed for Jesus to wrap his arms around me and talk me through it. Let me hear His voice, feel His peace and sense His comfort. I needed to be surrounded by Him. HE KNEW IT and HE WAS THERE.  I could breathe, I could hear His voice. I was relaxed in His comfort and peace surrounding me. The doctor reviewed the PET scan and decided on the amount of Isotope 131 to order for Thursday.

Thursday, I said goodbye to Mark and C, packed up and headed out. Praying fervently again for assistance in swallowing this capsule.  This would be the powerful killing radiation that would kill off any mature thyroid cells present. I was fearful of my throat closing up again. God spoke to me via the radio for the 90 minute drive. It was amazing. Songs of strength, not being alone, trust, believing and fear. When I see the capsule, I discover this isotope 131 is a black capsule of thyroid death. Oh my goodness. I am swallowing a capsule that a technician has to wear protective gear just in case it explodes when being encapsulated. WHAT? Swallowed …. done….

My main takeaway this week – is Seek and I will find…  Jesus is there when we seek Him. But we must seek Him and surrender. FEAR, YOU DON’T OWN ME….

2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

Ephesians 6:10 be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.



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