Obedience…. Now.. there is a word.  And I realized recently, its a humdinger of a word.

So, I have raised my son, who is 6, always to “obey first time.”  Does he respond in that fashion…. Well, no…. But it is a work in progress.  I am prayerful that one day, he will respond in full to the notion of obey first time. Why? well, as I explained to him very recently….  Obey first time is primarily about respect.  Respecting me; believing and trusting in me to have his best interest at heart and that I am leading or teaching him the “right way.” I have explained that I show him respect and have earned respect in return.

I have explained, with regards to respect, that if I am not respected and shown obedience from him, how can I believe that he will respect and obey God.  God is much bigger than me and so much more powerful. God gave me the “duty” to raise him to see God as someone bigger, more powerful; as our father; as our savior, as our redeemer…..  someone deserving of respect and obedience.  God is our guider, when we seek him out, he will always be there.

Ultimately, the Spirit convicted me regarding this conversation with C .  ….  See it was a really bad obedience day, and he was not listening or responding. God showed me where I was not being obedient to Him in the bigger picture and that this same scenario is what He struggles with daily with ALL HIS CHILDREN; not just one.

This made my heart ache.  My heart ached because of my lack of obedience to Him, but also because of the fussing and fighting that had occurred in this home.  I was so disappointed in myself. That is not the mama I want to be.  That is not the mama God has placed in my heart to be.

So today, I apologized to C.  Discussed with him my disappointment in both of us and we decided to be better for our own hearts.

I love when we have a healing conversation. Now I do recognize that he is only 6; I just have to model it better. Do my adulting better.  That will be part of my daily prayer. Y’all have a blessed day, week, weekend….

1 Kings 8:58 May he turn our hearts to him, to walk in obedience to him and keep the commands, decrees and laws he gave our ancestors.


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