Oh…. Immortalized

Hey, hello there….  so, didn’t I say this is my life…  Yes, well…

So home school was put on pause for the morning in order to partake of a field trip. Yes, yes, homeschoolers have field trips as well as we have lots of socialization… any who… So we have a field trip. As I am watching the morning news for weather and traffic, the lovely folks on the tube inform me that the interstate westbound is closed…. the direction we have to go….. and yep right around the exit ramp to our field trip location….  LOVELY. Lets start the day off right, God provided a wonderful, beautiful, sun shining kind of day for an outing with people we know, to a learning field trip ~ the interstate is closed. LOVELY.

So we (Mark, Me and C) leave a bit early, and proceed with an alternate route in mind. Get there in good time ~ YAY ~ thank you, Jesus, for seeing us through.  We proceed with the group to learn about how a radio station functions.

Interesting questions, answers and learning that the radio station industry has progressed a long way from the record playing industry it once was. 

(if you do not know what a record is or a player, no worries, you can look it up, it is pretty nostalgic)

Awesome day. Pictures are taken, goody bags handed out. Everything is done ~ everyone says “goodbye” and “thanks for having us” ~ Super Awesome event with such a great group of polite visitors. Only to discover later, that my child was THAT child.  According to the pictures posted to the social media pages ~ immortalized forever ~ is my child making faces, yes, the only child making faces. How is this possible? Looking at the pictures, I , myself, took today, there is not a decent one in the bunch….  again…. How is this possible?

A proud mama moment this is definitely not.

I proceed to discuss bad decisions with him, remind him to do a rethink before doing something disobedient, disrespectful, dishonest, …..  are there any other “dis”‘s out there that I need to teach him?  I mean really….  UGH!!!

So this had me thinking… Is there a moment in our lives that is immortalized in God’s eyes? Or does he forget it all? Laugh it off? I am sure there are too many moments that I wish/hope he can forget. I pray that I am wiped clean of those moments. Even though they may haunt me as the enemy presents them to me over and over, I believe that I am free from those moments.  As I have been given chance after chance to change my heart and mind to match God, how can I not give the same grace to my baby.  I am disappointed in his actions, but I pray it is a lesson learned for him.  I pray that my words sink in to his heart and take root. I pray that next time, (yes I am sure there will be more foolishness in the future) but next time, may the Spirit convict him prior to the foolish actions he considers to partake, and he makes a wiser decision…… next time.  By the GRACE OF GOD… Next time.

Blessings to you folks.


Ephesians 4:32 (NKJV) And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.




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