Pushing Through ~ How?

With every fiber of my being, I believe God has a purpose or will bring good out of something the enemy has brought us to, brought us into, or brought into our lives. After finding out that I had cancer this year, I was truly devastated in that moment. However, I boldly dumped that mess at the feet of Jesus and humbly said ~ “it is yours to do with as you will, lead me where I need to go, teach me what I need to learn, walk me along the path you drew out before this event came to light.” Fully and humbly surrendering myself to the will of my loving and grace giving Father, Abba, My King.  And what a journey we have been traveling these 5 months, though it seems like forever.

So, after another medical evaluation, the news is not very promising.  Although, this if full on theory, a possibility of what COULD be occurring, the theory or possibility is still hard to take or accept. I place it right back at the feet of my Jesus. Again ~ “it is yours, do what you will, show me the way, lead my along the path…”

So, since cancer surgery in June, I have had pain 24-hours a day without break on the right shoulder, chest, back. Pushing through the pain to work the arm and stretch out the muscles to free the muscle, the tendons, and /or the joint from the pain. The pain will intensify out of the blue, the muscle or joint will lock up in pain that takes my breath away.  I pray my way through. Knowing my pain is NOTHING in comparison to my Crucified Christ, I can’t complain, and I try not to.

Well, now the theory of problem is muscle atrophy due to nerve damage. Which means that despite the pain I put myself through to get my arm functioning again so I can return to work, the muscle continues to atrophy regardless of what I do, because there is nerve damage that hasn’t repaired. WHAT? I will not lose hope in this. I am continuing to exercise and work the muscles despite the pain.


How a person can tolerate this pain?  I work through it knowing there is someone in worse situation than me. And I pray for them….

I really want to see the end in sight, I really want to know the path, but God does not share that tidbit with us, as He needs us to be assured of complete growth. Spiritual growth is necessary as we turn to Him. As a child of God, growth is necessary to discover who we are for ourselves and, most especially, so we KNOW who we are to God.

Are you dealing with heavy burdens?  Are you struggling with those burdens? Have you offered them to God? Consider turning them over to God and trusting in Him to handle them appropriately. Even if it is not the path you would have chosen, I can promise you, it is the better path on offer.




2 Corinthians 1:4 who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.



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