Out of Pocket and Blessings

Been out of pocket recently (offline) because my attention was needed elsewhere. My C was turning 7 yrs old. When does this happen?  How does this happen?  Before his celebration could take place, I had my birthday, mama’s birthday, then we could focus on him.

How is it November already? When did THAT happen?  Time is definitely getting away from me. Because of some recent painful weeks, I have missed 2 Sundays at church.


November typically begins with daily thanksgiving for blessings. Again, time got away from me and all of a sudden, we are nearly halfway through the month. I am giving 12 days of thanks for my family ….  ok, I am caught up.  Right?  I can do it that way, I am sure I can.

Giving. Giving is elementary right?  It is the basic teaching of life. Giving of self. Giving of time. Giving of wisdom. Giving of finances. Giving of blessings. Giving of prayers. Giving of grace. Giving of mercy. Giving of love. Giving of hope. Giving of thanks.


Simple in the grand scheme of things, but sometimes we have a difficult time being the giver and an even harder time being a receiver. We first must humble ourselves on both sides of that coin.  Humble enough to acknowledge that “yes, I have this, but it isn’t MINE. God granted this to my care” …. (Whatever the “this” is). Then to be humble enough to accept and receive “this”  To understand the someone CARES/LOVES you enough to share with you. Not in the manner of giving to someone less fortunate, but giving someone deserving of care and love.

Sometimes I think that is the bigger issue, we think we are undeserving of what is being given.

Give thanks to all that is placed in your care, humbly return it to God in full understanding that it is His in the first place.

Ephesians 5:20 Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;



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