Spirit of Christmas

Do you enjoy the Spirit of Christmas? Do you have things that you do to make the Spirit move in your home? Music? Baking? Singing? Wrapping? Shopping? Crafting? Christmas movie watching? All the above?

Well so far we have done all except for wrapping. (round of applause) I was able to get a few things for C. that he asked for due to the generosity of my co-working family. Every year the unit adopts a family for Christmas and this year they adopted us. We are truly blessed by their generosity to be able to buy a couple of small things for C and then catch up a little on a big bill that has been lagging behind for a few months. God really honors His provision promises. I believe He has planned the end of this struggle, but I really want to see the end of it and return to work. Its been 6 long months and looks to be continuing.

Keeping my chin up and my eyes on God despite the news of an abnormal lymph node on the left side of my neck now. Patiently waiting on the phone call to tell me what we are going to do. Personally, I want it biopsied and ultimately removed. From what I have read, the medical community usually prefers to “monitor” the node every 3 months for changes. HOWEVER, I am already dealing with the aftermath of metastatic cancer. I do not want to wait for another round of the same. Right? RIGHT. Glad we can agree. Now to convince the medical community. HA HA HA.

I am always excited during the lead up to Christmas Day and then want to cry in the evening of the day because the day is over. But, the last few years, with the true meaning of Christmas growing inside, I hope that the excitement continues. The truth of Christmas is an every day journey of joyful discovery. Discovering my identity in Christ has been a wonderful journey though bumpy path. Showing and teaching my son about his identity in Christ is even more of a blessing. My heart swells when he grabs his bible and shares something he discovered. Or when we are discussing a bible story with school and he grabs his bible wanting to clarify something or compare my bible to his bible. I pray daily for God to show me the way to teach him His way.

The Spirit of Christmas is moving. Open your door to Him. Open your life to Him. He will show you the way to honor Him and His purpose through your life and purpose.

May all of you have a very merry and blessed Christmas and a safe New Year.

Romans 8:14
For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.


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