Living Presently

Hey, I realized that though I spoke of the enlarged lymph node found during my neck ultrasound, I did not provide an update.  So the call did come, Friday before Christmas.  The enlarged lymph node is of unknown origin at this time and, as I had feared, will just be monitored. However, since I have history of metastatic, we will monitor every 3 months for the next year, at the very least.  Per the Doctor, enlarged lymph nodes that are not misshapen and have no evidence of calcification, usually disappear by the followup ultrasound. So I am speaking life over this and claiming that it will be gone, in Jesus Name.

We were suppose to restart school on Wednesday… Yeah right.  Thank goodness for the leniency of homeschooling. I am moving slowly these days because of sinus crud and coughing.  So I did not get a move on until after 10am.  I had to get out of the house to the post office, Dollar Tree, and to the Bread Store. Did not return home until 2:30pm, at which point I was just done…. simply put,  just done.  Taking into account, I live in pain already on a 6 out of 10 point scale, adding coughing to that just intensifies it so much in the chest and shoulder, simply just done.  So we started school Thursday instead and he did double assignments in Math and Language…..  (though he did not know this and I do not intend to tell him, do you?) I thought he had the adding into the hundreds place value with carrying, but once we settled down for the evening, I checked his math work and there it was 9 problems with wrong answers that he had to readdress.  I almost laughed when he told me “No, I’m not doing that tonight.  I don’t want to. I did my classwork today. Its going to have to wait.”  But he gained a little wisdom after a nice little talk with mama and his work was corrected. Nearly two weeks off during the holiday and he forgets basic fundamentals and requires a bit of a reteach. Scary what may be lost if we actually took “Summer vacation” time.  We do not. We school year around with intermittent time off.

Today, I had an appointment with a new ENT surgeon.  This doctor is only 30 miles away instead of 90 miles one way. My prayer for this visit was to have someone understanding of the constant pain and would have wisdom and be able to advise cause. I wanted someone who would listen and not assume that I was seeking medication as soon I spoke the word “pain”.  Medication is the last thing I want.  My body does not like medication, as I am sure I have previously mentioned.  On any kind of pain medication, I can not function. If a medication says “may cause drowsiness”, you can bet your retirement on the fact that I will be sound asleep in 30 minutes and will sleep no less than 4 hours, soundly. Anyway, I thought it was an good visit, but as the day wore on, I realized that I felt rushed through the visit and though I got a partial answer and we discussed a plan, there were things that did not get accomplished.  What happened to the good ol’ days when the doctor sat with you, listened and had a good discussion of the issues? I do not remember the last time that happened. Do you?

Little buddy has requested my presence in his class at church, so I will be orienting to the process of the class this Sunday.  Usually I assist in the 2 year old class, but since the surgery, I have not been able to get back in there because of the pain and inability to pick up. We will see how this goes on Sunday. By the grace of God, I will thrive… ha ha ha.  Thrive in all aspects of my life.

Thank you for following and visiting my world. Leave a comment sometime, let me know what your world is like. Have a blessed day.  See you next time.

Luke 6:21 Blessed are you who hunger now, For you shall be filled. Blessed are you who weep now, For you shall laugh.

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