A question is on my mind today… Are you faithful to your faith in God? Are you faithful to your trust in God? Meaning AM I?

I am trying to be. I think I am succeeding. However, I am human and at times lead to doubt and anger at what I am going through. With that said, I also know that I get passed that point of doubt and get passed the anger times. I refocus. Get my eyes off the current state of this world or my own current state and REFOCUS on God.

God is faithful to me, why shouldn’t or couldn’t I be faithful to him.  Be faithful to my walk with Him. Being ALL IN with God is so amazing. Regardless of what situation crosses my path, I can face it, because God will provide.

God’s grace and mercy reign supreme. With His grace, we can get to the other side of any mountain. With His mercy, our mistakes and bad directions can be corrected.

Have I mentioned how I tend to be claustrophobic? Close, tight spaces become a wonderful, joy-filled moment with God. Really, it does.  Case in point, the MRI.  Historically, I have had to remind myself that this is not about to collapse on me and cave me in to kill me.  Yes, I am one of THOSE people.  Well, now, an MRI, CAT scan or a PET scan become a very close encounter with my wonderful and loving Lord. I can feel his arms around me and hear his voice soothing me.  So, I went to get the MRI accomplished the other day. I prayed and prayed and continued to pray for the entire hour I was in that blasted machine.  Thank you sweet Jesus for being in that machine with me.  I cannot take 5 minutes of that machine much less an hour. AN HOUR, people. ONE WHOLE HOUR!!!

Nope, still haven’t received my results from that. So frustrating going to a teaching hospital that is basically run by the state and with my insurance being state funded, I become low man on the totem pole.  I am cared for by un-graduated doctors, so the graduated doctor with the MD behind his or her name doesn’t even know me as their patient so when a message is sent to them, they know nothing.  I have sent 2 messages already through the communication system.  I don’t hold much belief in getting any knowledge of my results until my next appointment with my “doctor” in September. This system is for the birds.  I definitely received better care and result sharing when I had insurance through work, when I could work, before this cancer and surgery placed me on the fast track of disability but slow track at getting that disability funded… UGH!!!!

Pray for me y’all.  Pray for a better result sharing, pray for my patience with humanity.

My faith is in God.  He will direct my path. I trust in Him.  I trust in Him, alone. At bible study tonight God placed this phrase on my heart:

Be faithful to your trust and faith in me. Be faithful to your walk with me. We will walk this and all roads together. All narrow roads, regardless of there trouble, overgrowth, thorns and brambles, lead to your eternity with me.

Is your journey purposeful? Should it be?

Proverb 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In ALL your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.


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