Stepping Forward

Yes…..  Stepping forward onto an unknown, unclear path. One step at a time,

I seek God’s light on my journey.

This week, I will be going into my rehab appointments seeking discharge. Speech therapy has already been notified and is in agreement that there is nothing for her to do for me.

I will call my physical therapist and request our Thursday appointment be a discharge clinic as well.

First, the swallow study showed no abnormal movement or problems with the swallow movements. One thing the study did identify was a tight muscle across the throat that may tend to provide a “sensation” of choking BUT the fact is, I am actually NOT choking. Good news and bad news combined. Good news that I am not choking, bad news that there is truly nothing that can be done earth-side to change the status. So prayers and dependence on God for healing is necessary. Regardless, it is in His hands anyway, but I was hoping He would put someone earth-side in my path to fix this.  Nope….

my dependence on Him is for my benefit and His Glory.

Praise God.

With regards to my physical therapy, my last visit 2 weeks ago ended with a discussion of purpose and reevaluation of goal ~ by my prompting.  Therapy has taken me as far as it can in range of motion and decrease of pain in the last 15 months. Though a loving family member reminded me I wasn’t in therapy that whole time, some weeks/months were taken off due to waiting on insurance approvals. But keeping in mind that I did not stop my therapy at home when I stopped therapy at clinic waiting on approvals, it has still been 14-15 months. We discussed changing our focus to strength. The question remains, though…….

Are we causing more inflammation and problem by doing the exercises?

My and the therapist’s thought process is we are causing more inflammation and angering the surrounding muscles and inflaming the ulna and radial nerve, as per symptoms that continue to occur.

I have prayed and am at peace; leaving all of it in God’s capable hands to heal in His timing. I will work on hand strengthening at home without having to use gas and funds to travel downtown, losing a whole day to do things that need to be done, go to ladies group, go to library story time with my son, and others heavy on my heart.

God is good and provides a way; maybe not with initial understanding but eventually a bigger picture begins to reveal itself, not necessarily with full understanding, instead with a bit of provisional peace ~ a peace provided by ABBA.

In two weeks, I go to the Rheumatologist to determine if the Lupus diagnosis is fact or fiction. On the same day, I will get my latest TSH, Thyroglobulin and Free T4 labs done…..

Onward we march ~ one step at a time……

Psalms 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.


Luke 5:15 However, the report went around concerning Him all the more; and great multitudes came together to hear, and to be healed by Him of their infirmities.



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